Monday, 27 January 2014

Rufus Hound wants you to die in a pool of your own piss

The NHS was in absolute crisis when the coalition came to power. Not that you could talk about it though, Labour had made the NHS a religion, to say anything negative, regardless of its failings, would an act of blasphemy. Mid Staffs was the result of this perfect storm of an above critique monopoly, whistle blowers scared to come out, a government (Labour) hushing up bad news for political reasons and no accountability.

Rufus Hound thinks this is how the NHS should be run, an unaccountable monopoly where it doesn't matter what service people get because they can't afford anything else. What he wants, unless you're rich, you know the kind of person who's family could afford to privately educate their children, if that you die of dehydration in a bed, laying in your own excrement and urine, as long as it's a bed that is untouched by the private sector.

Thing is Rufus thinks that Mid Staffs was caused by a few bad eggs, not a systematic failure of the structure in place.

Of course some of them screw up from time to time – sometimes with tragic results – but that’s because they’re human beings. Fallible human beings. And if you employ over a million of them, (as the NHS does), mistakes will be made. 

He has also proved his lefty credentials by quoting a "fact" without supporting evidence to link it up. Actually it screams of a lift from a "Dr" Eoin Clarke list that he later had to apologise for. 

It’s also the most cost effective health care system in the world. For every pound spent on the NHS, it returns a value of five times that to the economy.

Oh lets not forget the classic "It’s ours, not theirs" comment. Well what about those that support the NHS reforms? I earn less than the national average, hardly a member of the evil rich and I fully support it. 

Private companies working within the NHS can do brilliant things and actually increase the services available to us. I had an operation in 2012 and part of the process was an MRI scan that a private company did. They had fitted out an HGV with the scanner and equipment. Parking up at the hospital they see all the minor cases, leaving the hospital scanner for more complex issues, meaning I got seen much sooner. 
Mid Staffs, Hound thinks this is acceptable 
An element of competition can help as well, monopolies don't have to worry about how well they provide a service, not like you have any other choice. Remember the stories of how long it took to get a phone line before it was privatised? Do you want that service in healthcare?

Ultimately I think people will realise that it doesn't matter how universal health care is delivered, as long as it is. But imagine if Rufus was to get what he wanted. At least when his wife died of MRSA from a routine bunion operation he could take comfort in the fact it was in a fully public NHS.

P.S. Worth noting that he just happens to be getting big publicity at the exact same time he needs to sell tickets to a show he is in. A coincidence I am sure.

Wednesday, 22 January 2014

Lenin quotes and Labour

There's a brilliant article on Backbencher this morning with a selection of Lenin's most chilling quotes. We all know the left love this man, he's a socialist hero.

The quotes make for scary reading on their own but then I noticed something in them. Labour's policies and actions since 1997 seem to match up with some of the quotes.

“Give me four years to teach the children and the seed I have sown will never be uprooted.”

Ever notice how so many of the young that were educated under Labour are socialist wannabes? Since then the unions have been trying to get propaganda into schools. You might suggest that the unions aren't Labour, under Ed Miliband they most definitely are.

“We can and must write in a language which sows among the masses hate, revulsion, and scorn towards those who disagree with us.”

The left don't just disagree with the right, they froth at the mouth in rage at our mere presence. We don't have different ideologies, we are evil.

“The bourgeoisie is many times stronger than we. To give it the weapon of freedom of the press is to ease the enemy’s cause, to help the class enemy. We do not desire to end in suicide so we will not do this.”
Their conduct over Leverson showed how much they hate a free press.
“A lie told often enough becomes the truth.”
WMD's anyone. Also the lies about immigration they so often told.
“The way to crush the bourgeoisie is to grind them between the millstones of taxation and inflation.”

Bankers taxes, mansion tax (Lib Dem idea supported by Labour), council tax increases the list goes on.

“One man with a gun can control 100 without one.”

Handgun ban.

“There are no morals in politics; there is only expedience. A scoundrel may be of use because he is a scoundrel.”

Alastair Campbell, Damian McBride, Tom Watson, Len McKluskey, Ed Balls. I could go on but you get the idea.

“It is true that liberty is precious; so precious that it must be carefully rationed.”
Labour gradually eroded our privacy while in power through several new laws.

“He who now talks about the “freedom of the press” goes backward, and halts our headlong course towards socialism.”
Leverson again.

“Treat the Jews and urban inhabitants in the Ukraine with an iron rod, transferring them to the front, not letting them into government agencies (except in an insignificant percentages, in particularly exceptional circumstances).”

To put this another way, how many right wingers work in the public sector? Those who do are almost scared to admit their political leanings.

“We shall not bind ourselves by treaties. We shall not allow ourselves to be entangled by treaties.”

For treaty read manifesto. Labour's last big promise was a say on the EU constitution, they didn't give us it.

“It is necessary -  secretly and urgently to prepare the terror.”

Constant terror alerts, Iraq, Iran, Afghanistan, the list goes on. Keep them scared to keep them under control.

Scary stuff isn't it. Lets hope they don't get in again.

Monday, 20 January 2014

Lord Rennard, a victim of mob rule

I may be alone in this but I am sat here feeling sorry for Lord Rennard. What he has been accused of is indeed disgusting but as it stands they are merely accusations, nothing more. But that doesn't matter in cases such as this and given the clusterfuck that was the Sally Bercow and the late Lord McAlpine twitter scandal you think people would learn.

But no, people's minds are made up it seems and Lord Rennard was yesterday suspended from his party. This is a disturbing development to me, showing that mob justice can claim someone's head. Lets look over some core facts.
  • The police did not even find enough evidence to pass on a file to the CPS
  • The internal party investigation didn't find him guilty
  • Yesterday he was suspended for not apologising for events that the police and the party didn't take action over or didn't believe happened

Seems stupid doesn't it, imagine it was you and your job. Accused of sexual harassment, police say there isn't enough evidence and HR clear you as well yet pressure from the marketing department means you get fired. You would be fuming wouldn't you, well, that's why Rennard is angry and may sue. Good for him.

For all the people who say "there's no smoke without fire" need to grow up. We live in a society that judges people by "innocent until proven guilty", it's how you would want to be judged, you should apply that to everyone else. At this moment in time Rennard is an innocent man.

Sunday, 19 January 2014

Ukip didn't care about his views before, why now?

David Silvester is a loon, so Ukip perhaps his natural political choice. I don't actually think he is a looney for his opinion that same sex marriage is wrong, or even that God is seeking vengeance in some way for them. The most stupid thing he did was to make such opinions public, you're a politician David, what were you thinking?

You are perfectly entitled to believe what you like but seriously, given your position you should realise what isn't acceptable to the general public. Still this shows up a problem for Ukip and their "recruiting" policy. One of the kippers favourite statistics is how many Tory Councillors have defected to them. Farage practically creams his pants whenever he mentions such a number, well, one of this number bit him in the arse in spectacular fashion. The warnings were there though.

"I wrote to David Cameron in April 2012 to warn him that disasters would accompany the passage of his same-sex marriage bill."

So how much did Ukip know of this letter? Did they even ask why he defected or is it Ukip policy to roll out the welcome mat to anyone who wants to switch teams regardless of why. Well a cursory visit to Google would have revealed the answer, Pink News had a copy.

They new at the time this is what he believed in yet happily took him in and essentially the only thing that's changed is that those thoughts are now well publicised. Seems a bit disingenuous of them to suspend him now, almost as if publicity comes before morals in Ukip, who would have thunk it.
Ukip, most definitely not the grumpy old man's party
As a result I am not without sympathy for David, given they took him in knowing full well his thoughts he must be shocked to get suspended for those exact same opinions. But most of all, given the many other kippers with, lets say, sketchy views that seem to slip past the party checks how can you trust the Ukip candidate you vote for?

Tuesday, 14 January 2014

PMQ's Bingo!

Ok, this may seem like a lazy blog but I assure you I have spent ages on this. Le Creuset Fiend can verify as I pestered him for help near the end. Funny how the last few bits you need are the toughest, thanks pal.

So the result of all this hard work, why it's PMQ's bingo of course. Although for those of a James Turner Street disposition you can use the cards as a drinking game. The PDF document below contains 30 randomly generated layouts of 25 squares from a list of 35 phrases, actions or things to spot during a round of PMQ's. It's become a parody of itself so we should at least have some fun.

Download your copy of PMQ's bingo here

It's in Google drive so will see it loaded and can then download should you wish (Arrow at the top left). The full list of possible squares is below along with a sample card image. Enjoy your games everyone, let me know how you do.

Tax cut for millionaires
Union pay masters
middle class
EU Referendum
Piece of paper passed to front bench (either side)
MP asks about an actual local issue
Out of touch
Recovery for the few/rich
Bercow butts in
Banker’s bonus
Cameron tells a bad joke
Spot a pink tie in the chamber
MP asks if the PM agrees
Weak (when aimed at Ed M)
Cameron doesn't answer a question
Hardworking people
MP stops mid Q for quiet & doesn't get it
Cost of living crisis
Ed balls does a hand gesture & gets mocked
Any reference to private education
Ed Mili says "Mr Speaker" 3X before comment
Immigration good
Ed tells a bad joke
Speaker says "Order" 3x in a row
Bercow cuts off PM during response to a question
Food banks
Not standing up to unions
Badly read planted question
Immigration bad
A social media account is mentioned
One Nation

Boro Taxis, I salute you

Diversity and equality laws are a tricky thing for some businesses to navigate. Sometimes, however hard you may try, some things just aren't practical for people of a certain disability, blind airline pilots for example. And sometimes the only way to accommodate a disability  is expensive and may end up costing more for the disabled person. Just a fact of life sadly, I have size 14 feet and have to get them online (mostly), they cost more than shop brought shes for smaller sizes, I can deal with it or get cold feet.

Teesside's biggest taxi company, Boro Taxis, has announced they will not take disabled people anymore. Now before you froth at the mouth it isn't that simple. This isn't actually about disabled people as such, in fact the very laws designed to protect them, and those enforcing, have let them down badly.

When you order a taxi you order a taxi, the vehicle you travel in. Say you order a car, for one or for 4 you pay the same. If you order a mini bus you pay the mini bus rate, again this matters not how many people you put in it. Now a wheelchair needing a mini bus pays the mini bus rate for single occupancy. The larger vehicle costs considerably more to run so unless they do the driver will lose out.

Well apparently this is discrimination, the taxi company has been told it is breaking the law to charge the mini bus rate for using the mini bus. The council say this is overcharging for disabled passengers so the company may lose it's license, aside from any legal threat. Faced with the option of committing a crime or losing money they have decided to withdraw the service.

The company admits that refusing them is "morally totally wrong" but it isn't worth losing money over, and they are right. If the council want to put on cheap transport for disabled people then they should do it, not bully a private company into doing it for them at a loss.

Kudos for them for standing up for their rights.

UPDATE: They have capitulated, that old friend of the right on left, the threatened boycott, has made them throw in the towel. It isn't fair to force a business to lose money in this way, although I suspect something craftier may be in action. I mean what if every time a wheelchair user phones to book there are no mini buses available. Would be shockingly bad luck that.

Sunday, 12 January 2014

The art of trolling

The word "Troll" has been been thrown around by the media and the easily offended as the term for someone who trows abuse at someone else. Bollocks, abusers are abusers, end of. A troll is someone who makes others look stupid, no abuse required at all. The most effective method seems to be the parody/spoof account. The aim is to make people think it is real with an outrageous statement at then let the abuse come in from people that think you are real. It's been a vintage weekend for three such twitter accounts.


A legend of the game who had a slow Saturday but came back strong on Sunday.
The man pulling the IDS strings noticed a RT, seems he was trying to create an international incident.
But the IDS account is now so masterful and it's victims so stupid anything he posts gets treated as if he were real.
If would take someone extra special to fall for that wouldn't it.

 Another political one how with @HonestChuka

It's hard to imagine someone pretending to be Chuka could be as much of a git as the real one, but he tries his best.
Some of the best moments are when the penny drops and people realise what they have done.

Finally a recent one made to take advantage of recent events, @DugganTrust

 Given the emotions around this case catching the little idiots was perhaps a bit easy, add in the vigil and it was open season on prats.
 Some people thought it was real and supported it.
Even hooking that well know racist Lee Jasper.
So the next time someone uses "Troll" as an insult remember this and correct them. Oh and if you are a evil bugger then RT or play along with these accounts and watch as they attract morons like moths to a fuckwit flame.

I can only put a few on here so look at the accounts, their favourites and replies, it's worth it.

Wednesday, 8 January 2014

Mark Duggan got what he deserved

The family and friends of Mark Duggan, all to predictably, kicked off yesterday at the lawful killing verdict. They were all showing their commitment to justice by going after the coroner in the court and hurling abuse at the jury. They should have all been arrested for contempt of court, spineless rule of law isn't going to improve relations at all.

It is interesting to note that the family don't even believe he had a gun, at all. Which is unfortunate for  Kevin Hutchinson-Foster who was found guilty of supplying the gun. If all these people loved him so much while bringing him up perhaps he wouldn't have turned into the trash he was. Worse than that is the race and victim cards being played. Here's a tip, avoid trouble with the police by not breaking the law.
What is most apparent to me is the details not released because there is still an investigation ongoing. Armed police officers tend not to shoot first and ask questions later. So here is a situation where he has just collected a gun and they have followed him. If they didn't see him dispose of it they will treat the situation as if he had it on him. The big question is what instructions did the police give and did he obey them?
Ah yes, the international make a gun gesture of peace
If Duggan decided to give the police some attitude because he had tossed the gun, instead of doing exactly as he was told, then it explains why he was shot. If the armed police think you have a gun and you don't do what is expected they have a duty to protect themselves and the public.

Mark Duggan was to blame for his death. If he hadn't decided to get the gun he would be alive today and think for a moment, he brought a gun, why? The world is a better place without people like him.

Tuesday, 7 January 2014

Should we do a tribute to the stupid?

Harry Swordy (real name not a porn star) was a victim of the weather conditions on new years day, swept to his untimely death. There has even been a campaign to rename the storm in his memory. Which would be a noble thing to do if he died saving the life of a child, or an elderly person, well anyone for that matter. No Harry died because he was an idiot.
It sounds like Harry was a nice guy, even accounting for the fact that everyone is a hero in death thing. I lost a mate who was described as a "lovable rogue" when I was younger. In all honestly he was a prat and he died because he was on a motorbike whilst high. But Harry did a lot of good and is no doubt a sad loss to those who knew him.

However this was no freak accident, if Harry had engaged even a tiny piece of his brain he would be alive today. You see he was swept out to sea by 15ft waves as he, and others, waded into the swell in the early hours of the morning. Those who managed to get back to shore sounded the alarm and help was sent.

HM Coastguard Falmouth carried out a search until a body was found on a nearby beach the next day. I salute the crews who risked their lives trying to find him but should they should never have been called into action. The storms were no secret yet this motley crew all thought wading into the sea would be a good idea. I wonder if it was drunken stupidity, better that than just being that silly.
Fancy a swim?
If it were up to me then Harry's estate would be given a bill for the search and rescue attempt. The coastguard is a stretched service as it is so people who go and do stupid things like this should be billed regardless of the outcome. 

Unless they want the name change to highlight the stupidity of going into the sea when all warnings have been to stay away we shouldn't even entertain it. Meanwhile I shall nominate him for a Darwin award, he deserves that one.

Sunday, 5 January 2014

Ukip, I have a theory

Ukip's "Dear Leader" was hammering away on twitter with the usual, over used, phrases yesterday. My favourite one being that there is no difference between Labour and the Tories. Get yourself down to Specsavers Nigel, or drink less because there are plenty, unless you just don't want there to be. The big one, as far as Ukip's main aim is concerned is that the Tories will give us a vote on the EU, Labour wont.

The kippers reacted quickly when Cameron pledged the vote on membership in 2017 if the Tories win the next election, obviously fearing that removing their main aim would be disaster for them. What they may fear most is that the UK would prefer to remain in the EU if it was about free trade and not the vast bureaucratic superstate it is becoming. In short in the EU, not controlled by it. But why does his holiness Farage seem so angered by the Tory pledge? I have some theories.
Doesn't really want out

For the very cynical among you this is one thought that I personally don't believe but can see why people do. In 2009 he received 2 million pounds on top of his salary which is over £60k. He barely turns up, much like his party colleagues, and when he was on the fisheries committee he didn't show up at all in 2011. He gets all the public attention his ego requires while pocketing a big salary and telling us all how horrible it is.

Hates David Cameron

Farage has a massive ego, dissent must not be tolerated within Ukip. Some high profile (and others less so) party removals in 2013 made that clear. So how does he feel about the leader of the Tories commenting on him and his party? Not well at all it turns out. In a rather pathetic attempt to get Cameron ousted he said he would be able do do a deal with Boris Johnson or Michael Gove but not him. He is less interested in giving the UK a choice on the EU than he is over a pissing contest, grow up!

Wants the glory

Say the Tories win in 2015, then Cameron gets all the powers back from the EU he wants and the vote happens. Whatever the result Farage and Ukip will not get the credit for delivering it. Sure they will crow all they like but unless he has a seat in the house Farage can't ride in on his steed and proclaim it was Ukip wot won it. That of course just wouldn't do.

Notice how the running theme is the mighty ego of Nigel Farage, not a shock is it.