Monday, 26 October 2015

An open letter to my son

An open letter in the Guardian went viral recently with people mostly shocked at the self centred, bordering on narcissistic, attitude of the author. It would be easy to tear in to her, many have already so I'm not doing that. Instead I thought about what I want to say to my son who, at 4 years old, wouldn't fully understand.

Dear Thomas,

I know this year has been confusing with Daddy having to move somewhere else but I want you  to know how proud I am of you. You've started school with more enthusiasm than I ever remember having. Being so young in the year (30th of August baby) I was impressed there was no tears at all. However on your second day to run up the stairs and in without a goodbye hug was a shock, seems Mummy and Daddy were more emotional than you.

I remember holding you just after you were born and feeding your your first bottle. It is a moment that will stay with me forever, you were early and so small but perfect. Unfortunately Daddy got ill and missed a lot of the special moments in that first year but you did sit up for the first time in front of me, thank you for that, I treasure memories like that more than you will realise.

You gave us a scare though. The December after you were born you got bronchitis and you weren't able to clear your throat one night. Luckily Daddy gave you a bog enough slap on the back that it cleared you out but seeing your little lips turn blue scared me more than I can describe.

What's amazed me is how well you take to everything that is new. From moving to your big boy bed and when you needed glasses you have done it all with little fuss. In fact you do it with such excitement you make even something difficult enjoyable.

I know Daddy doesn't always stay patient with you but you are a good boy, if a little cheeky! But being a parent means you take the rough with the smooth and you have had your moments. But the tantrums and tears don't happen often, hopefully me and your Mum are doing something right.

All I want for you in life is to be happy and I will do all I can to make that happen. Just know that even though I can't always be there that I will always love you and nothing in my life is more important.

All my love