Thursday, 13 February 2014

The SNP don't want independence

Nicola Sturgeon was at her blustering best on Daily Politics and refusing to answer questions and also making veiled threats that an independent Scotland wouldn't take it's share of the national debt unless they get the currency union with Sterling. Well as with all SNP interviews she was made to look like a total fool by Andrew Neil.
David Cameron played a blinder when he refused the "devo max" option on the vote, forcing the straight yes or no question. With every passing week the SNP appear like teenagers threatening to leave home. You might think they are gone but they seem to eat your food, drink your drink and come to you whenever anything goes wrong.

If you want independence then you must be independent, that's it, no ifs or buts. Using Sterling with the B of E as lender of last resort is not independent. Equally the rest of the UK population might have something to say about that, after all the Euro currency union has worked so well. Surely we all get a vote on such an arrangement, or do the SNP think it right to dictate to England and Wales? Too much hard earned money flows north of the border as it is, if they want independence then I don't want my pennies insuring a socialist nutters spending.

But this whole "bullying" line peddled by the SNP is political. Salmond's rhetoric has always been about English people dictating from an English parliament, stirring up what amounts to racism in the search of votes. That's why he wants to debate David Cameron. Cameron would tear him to shreds in any intellectual debate but every answer would be met with a rabble rousing response. 
"Of course I want independence Geppetto"
I'm actually half Scottish and very proud of that fact. The behavior of some of the yes campaign is disgusting, when, like me, you have always identified yourself as a proud Brit it's actually painful to start supporting the campaign for them to leave the UK. But I do, not like the SNP do but because I feel a bit "you want it, fine, have it, good luck". Then watch as in 20 to 30 years there economy is wrecked and we have to shore up the border because of economic migrants (in my story we are no longer in the EU).

But I don't think the SNP want it. They would much rather keep the hated English money pouring in so they can afford all the free NHS prescriptions and tuition fees they like without having to worry about the financial consequences.

On performances like yesterday's though I fear we are stuck with them,

Wednesday, 12 February 2014

Well flood me!

It's all been happening while I have been away.  Sorry for the lack of blogs, I shall explain at some point but in short I have been having a tough time and found myself unable to write or care about anything. But I am back, let us have some fun.

The big news at the moment is the floods, I wouldn't worry, the people who tell you that the world will boil said we would have an arctic winter. It will arrive soon I am sure and we can all go skating in the west country.

There has been some point scoring and mud slinging but i wanted to make some points of my own about some of the contentious issues.

David Cameron's flood visits

Of course he should go, he is the PM after all and has a significant role in the response to these floods. I must also commend him on the silencing of Eric Pickles. Now is not the time for the blame game, now is the time for supporting hard hit areas in the best way possible. A review of who/what policy caused the problem can come when everyone is back in their homes.

Ed Miliband's flood visit

Pointless, totally pointless, and good on Alok Sharma for calling him out on it.

If, as Ed claims, he wants to "work together" why not arrange a meeting with Alok in advance? Surely through the network of Labour party activists & trade union links they could summon up some volunteers to get their hands dirty and help. The same applies to all politicians, unless your actual ministerial job means you need to do something then don't pitch up for a photo op without doing something to help.

Wellies & waterproofs

The fact that Nigel Farage had a dirty set of waders on doesn't make him a "man of the people", christ I don't own a pair of wellies (you try finding a decent, affordable pair in size 14), does that make me out of touch with the common man? As I understand it Farage likes to go fishing, waders explained.


The people affected are blaming the environment agency, the current government or the previous one and they all have a differing case to answer for. But nobody seems to blame the rainfall, the worst in over 100 years. I suspect that even with perfect management of the rivers and flood defences this would have been a flood year.

If you build on a flood plain expect floods from time to time. However the warning signs have been in place with previous floods, the environment agency, which rated it's flood preparation as excellent, has some questions to answer here.

Good luck to all effected by the floods.