Wednesday, 20 November 2013

The BBC is afraid of BBC's

Bias at the BBC, who would have thought it eh? While the left get their panties in a bunch whenever one of them is asked so much as a mildly robust question  they choose to ignore the constant anti Tory stance taken often in a subtle way, sometimes not. Yesterday produced a doozey.

The ever brilliant Guido Fawkes team uncovered a beauty on Jack Dromey’s (Mr Harriet Harman for those who don’t know) twitter account. I suggest reading the full article for details but in essence he favourite tweets about gay men with big black cocks on two separate occasions, not likely to both be harmless mistakes. Or at least finding the tweets weren’t a mistake, clicking the star icon most definitely was.

Why is this newsworthy? Well he is a shadow minister, all be it low ranking but his partner is a high profile member of the Labour front bench. Is he in the closet, either as gay or bi? Was it just an error and how much does Harriet know? Frankly I don’t care, however the next bit does.

Lefty types were scrambling for a way to retaliate and they found a gem, or at least they thought so. “David Cameron follows an escort agency on twitter” they squealed with glee, who cares about details, peddle a headline, nobody will read it. Brilliant except for one thing, it wasn’t DC’s account, like I said, details. It was in fact @Number10Gov who was following the naughty ladies in question.

The official story is that back when Gordon Brown was in power an auto follow feature was in place and picked it up. So a simple error, definitely nothing to do with David Cameron or even Gordon Brown. But what will the BBC do?

Why run a piece with the headline David Cameron’s Twitter AccountFollowed ‘High Class Escorts’ and a misleading image. Whatever the content below many people won’t get the difference between the UK PM’s account, whoever that may be, and DC’s personal one.
Carefully done to make you think it is DC himself

Yet what of the Jack Dromey story? Surely they ran it, seen as the DC story was worth reporting. It is currently 21:45 on Wednesday the 20th of November and guess what, not a big black sausage to be found on the BBC website.

Maybe the BBC were worried about having a story full of BBC’s on the BBC website. Maybe the BBC can get BBCDP to cover BBCgate at lunchtime.


  1. So the BBC are so biased that they will run an innacurate and misleading story in order to defend labour from another story that the BBC itself will not even cover?

    WOW! That is over-the-top and in-your-face clear and blatant pro-labour bias in action there.

  2. Serious questions should be asked of the BBC and their completely biased handling of Co-op affair - reading their website and listening to their broadcasts, anyone would think that it is Miliband who is the victim.

    According to Ben Wright at the BBC, "Number 10 is ‘straining’ to tarnish Ed Miliband by association."

    What, like the BBC would be, if this guy was on the other team? 24/7? For weeks? In concert with their Guardian print wing?

    What is disgusting about the blatant bias at the BBC, is that we all have to fund it through the teletax!

  3. Who is Ben Wright? Son of Labour MP, Tony

  4. Watch MSNBC here in the States. The vile hate coming from the left is horrific and they do it everyday all day.

  5. It's the same reason that they (BBC) didn't air a show starring a certain Mr. Harriott called "Ainsley's Big CoOk Out" - in case there was a typo!