Tuesday, 14 January 2014

PMQ's Bingo!

Ok, this may seem like a lazy blog but I assure you I have spent ages on this. Le Creuset Fiend can verify as I pestered him for help near the end. Funny how the last few bits you need are the toughest, thanks pal.

So the result of all this hard work, why it's PMQ's bingo of course. Although for those of a James Turner Street disposition you can use the cards as a drinking game. The PDF document below contains 30 randomly generated layouts of 25 squares from a list of 35 phrases, actions or things to spot during a round of PMQ's. It's become a parody of itself so we should at least have some fun.

Download your copy of PMQ's bingo here

It's in Google drive so will see it loaded and can then download should you wish (Arrow at the top left). The full list of possible squares is below along with a sample card image. Enjoy your games everyone, let me know how you do.

Tax cut for millionaires
Union pay masters
middle class
EU Referendum
Piece of paper passed to front bench (either side)
MP asks about an actual local issue
Out of touch
Recovery for the few/rich
Bercow butts in
Banker’s bonus
Cameron tells a bad joke
Spot a pink tie in the chamber
MP asks if the PM agrees
Weak (when aimed at Ed M)
Cameron doesn't answer a question
Hardworking people
MP stops mid Q for quiet & doesn't get it
Cost of living crisis
Ed balls does a hand gesture & gets mocked
Any reference to private education
Ed Mili says "Mr Speaker" 3X before comment
Immigration good
Ed tells a bad joke
Speaker says "Order" 3x in a row
Bercow cuts off PM during response to a question
Food banks
Not standing up to unions
Badly read planted question
Immigration bad
A social media account is mentioned
One Nation

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