Wednesday, 18 December 2013

Abbas Khan was a fool

Abbas Khan illegally entered Syria to go to a war zone and ended up being captured. He died this week and the family aren't happy. His brother, Shahnawaz Khan, claiming he was treated differently because he was a Muslim and that the Foreign Office could have done more. Uh, how about no. I wasn't alone in thinking this.
Whatever his reasons to going to Syria he did so individually, not as part of any organised humanitarian mission. He was on one of course but then he took off on his own. The government can't be responsible for every individual that goes into a war zone. When George Galloway makes sense something is wrong.

"We know what the crime was: he was captured on the battle field in Aleppo. He had no right to be there."

Why anyone thinks we can ride to their rescue when they do something stupid overseas is beyond me. The real problem here isn't that he was arrested and detained but the conditions of the Syrian jail. He was picked up in a war zone, the Syrian government probably thought he was fighting with the rebels, wouldn't you be suspicious as well? And do you really think a regime as corrupt as the Syrian one would release anyone easily?
Something about this whole story seems off to me. Whatever people think of our government we still have decent diplomatic links and I am sure the Foreign Office were doing what they could, his release was imminent after all. I suspect someone, somewhere knows something they aren't saying.

But even if we take the story of Mr Khan at face value he is still a moron of epic proportions and for his family to play the race card (Muslim aren't a race I know, don't get me started) is simply pathetic. He went to a war zone, people die, deal with it.

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  1. As a doctor, I completely agree with you. It was foolish of him to go there and even more stupid for the family to call the 'race' card. Stupidity must be in their genes!